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Our Vision: “To connect and engage our valiant veterans with extraordinary companies and businesses”


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I am a Senior Executive Leader and United States Army Decorated Combat Disabled Veteran with an active Secret Security Clearance and 25+ years of proven accomplishments in the United States Army, Law Enforcement, Government and civilian sectors.

-Henri Suissa-

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HeloVets Consulting And Recruiting Services, inc. is dedicated to the success of all veterans everywhere. As such, we aim to be the very best resource that we can be and have committed ourselves to the following core values.


If you put a dozen resume writers and career counsellors in the same room, you MIGHT come up with an equivalent to the extraordinary talent possessed by Henri. He has a gift of being able to see talent in people, and to extract that talent and potential through guidance and mentorship. His knowledge of veteran transition is invaluable, as is his job market experience and ability to network veterans with people who can guide you into your future. I will be forever greatful for the experience, guidance, and mentorship I recieved from Henri.

Tyler McLain | Aviation Logistics Manager, US Army

I had the pleasure of meeting Henri Suissa on the Veteran Mentor Network via LinkedIn.com. I interviewed and was brought on board at A.S.T. Landscape Services. Henri leads the executive team and he focuses on the training and growth of his personnel. He is an exceptional mentor with expansive knowledge of business, HR, and logistics. I am proud that I get the chance to work with Henri on a daily basis and I look forward to what the future has in store.

Todd Patterson | Military Veteran, A.S.T. Landscape Services, Inc.

Henri Suissa……As a fellow Brother, I just want to say “Thank You” for your Past & Present Service within our Professions, both Military & Civilian! Let me also add a tremendous thanks for the sacrifices you made on behalf of this Nation! From one Brother to another, you are truly an inspiration and great Role Model for our Military & Law Enforcement Professions! Also….Great Post! Just keep up the great work my Brother…..you’re a True “Cops Cop”….and you know there is no greater compliment or feeling….then to be labeled that and have the Respect of those who wear the Uniform alongside you! God Bless & Stay Safe my Brother & Friend!

Tom Kelly | Retired Law Enforcement Officer

Henri’s incredible work ethic has clearly transferred over from his military life to the civilian workforce. He has an incredible appetite to learn so he can continually improve himself and his organization. I’ve very much appreciated his open communication with me so I never have to worry about what he’s thinking. I also appreciate his patience and leadership as we navigate through changes and transitions. Henri would be a valuable asset to any organization in need of strong, experienced leadership.

Scott Morikawa | Aloha Managed IT

As the installation’s Medical Ombudsman, I served with Henri for 15 months; from his initial appointment as the Officer in Charge (OIC) of the Fort Richardson, AK Behavioral Health Clinic in June 2011, until his transition to Veteran status in September 2012.

Almost immediately it became evident that Henri’s broad depth of knowledge and experience, leadership, and guidance were responsible for an overwhelming and positive paradigm shift among clinical providers and staff members throughout the clinic. Most notably, Henri’s impeccable integrity, strong interpersonal skills, unique capacity for empathy, and his ability to naturally motivate a team were evidenced by statements regularly made to this writer by staff members who reported they felt fully supported and empowered by Henri, and felt Henri’s leadership style and respect for all persons, built confidence among the staff, and allowed for enhanced provision of services while simultaneously allowing providers the autonomy to do their jobs unencumbered.

Henri also served as the senior military expert regarding behavioral health issues and provided executive level briefings and reports to the United States Army Alaska (USARAK) Commanding General and other senior installation leaders. Based on this, I regularly consulted with Henri to obtain professional and practical guidance, and to request his support with formal notifications to senior leaders regarding critical, complex, and crisis situations my office was engaged with. Henri was my go-to person for serious situations which required conflict resolution and problem solving in order to diffuse tension and induce compromise in order to mitigate potentially life threatening situations. Henri personally engaged in and assisted with the successful resolution of more than 125 Ombudsman cases during his tenure, for which I am grateful.

Henri’s integrity and trustworthiness are impeccable! He remains focused and oriented on his goal to continue serving his community and his country while simultaneously and steadfastly pursing his higher educational goals. I highly recommend Henri for any position of public trust within the government or private sector.

Karl Hansen | US Dept. of Defense

I have known Henri for at least a decade at the time I write this and can verify that he is an outstanding leader. Henri and I have worked together in Law Enforcement at the same Agency, have trained together in Martial Arts and have kept in touch over the years despite sometimes living half a country apart.

I have rarely seen someone with Henri’s work ethic and enthusiasm, Especially as it pertains to learning and mastering new skills and interests. He walked away from a very lucrative position in Healthcare in Greenville to join the military and was very quickly a Captain. I don’t think there is much that he can’t do. I was impressed by Henri from the moment I met him and continue to be impressed by him to this day. If you needed a project leader, a problem solver, a ride along partner or a buddy in your foxhole, this is the man for you.

Rusty Starkey | Guard One Protective Services

I served as Henri’s supervisor in the Detective Bureau at the Seminole Police Department, and found him to be dependable and ethical; Henri’s integrity is beyond reproach. As a police officer and later a Captain/War Veteran in the Army, he served the community he swore to protect, and America, with true fidelity of purpose and clarity of Justice.

Stephan Lopez | Stephan Lopez Law Firm

Henri and I go back over 40 years. I have watched him grow into a remarkable dynamic man. He has always tried to improve himself and the life of others. He is a real life Captain America. He has been a blessing in my life and a beacon of strength to countless others. Not only is he a great friend and husband to his beautiful wife Stephanie but an exceptional leader to countless others. He is the definition of a true gentleman. I know that AST made a great strategic and sound decision in choosing Henri to run their day to day operations.

John Elias | Integrity Payment Solutions

I had the pleasure of meeting Henri back when he was a Law Enforcement officer in Florida. My impression then was that he was an extremely focused and dedicated professional, that was always looking out for the well-being of his colleagues. 
He continued to excel in his professional career and is absolutely qualified to lead an effort supporting and advocating for LEO’s and Veterans.

Sean Rosario | Vista Holdings Group

Henri is very detail oriented and has superior leadership qualities. He is very dedicated and professional in whatever project he undertakes. In the Seminole Police Swat Team, Henri was also looked up to by the other team members. You could not go wrong having Henri by your side.

Oscar Baez | Security Professional

I want to thank you for your inspiration and mentorship through out my transition out of the greatest organization in the world, the US Army. I had the great pleasure of speaking with Henri on the phone and the small conversation we had was a huge impact on my transition for me. Four simple words and his positive attitude towards all, was so profound to me that I was able to land an amazing opportunity to continue to help our great nation. He is an amazing inspiration and a great leader. If you ever get a chance to work with him you will be blown away by his ability to motivate. Awesome job Henri.

Sos Jackson | Professional Aviation Maintenance Manager

Henri coached me through some strategies on how to go about pursuing my Black Belt. While I was dumbfounded at the simplicity of some of his ideas, he also gave me insight to the hurdles and roadblocks I would encounter. Sure enough, I did encounter those bottlenecks and it was because of Henri’s vision and forethought that kept the project moving without a hitch! As one of my mentors, I strongly recommend Henri to anyone that needs guidance, direction and a bit of focus. #VETERANSTRONG

Jess Hillyer | Account Executive

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